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Enterprise .NET

Condense has extensive experience using the .NET Framework to deliver business applications and fronting sophisticated business and integration systems.

We have recently delivered:

  • A whole-of-university data-publishing application, integrating with national research-data-storage infrastructure and international identifier standards, and publishing records to the national research repository.

  • A business system to support whole-of-university building condition and functionality audits allowing reporting and modelling based on the data gathered.

  • Sub-contracting .NET and Azure expertise to large enterprise development projects.

Web and mobile applications

Condense is known for the quality of the user experiences it delivers.

We have recently delivered:

  • A mobile app (iOS and Android) complementing the Asset Management Information System supporting on-the go access and workflow by maintenance contractors and staff.

  • A web application to allow researchers to gather and prepare information for upload to the metadata repository. Now used by four clients.

  • Mobile apps for “citizen science” initatives: Kelp tracker and Redmap.

Business analysis and strategy

We have recently undertaken:

  • A comprehensive review of data sources, processing and reporting standards of the wild-capture commercial fisheries sector as they transition to digital platforms as part of the $5 million Fisheries Digital Transition project.

  • A detailed requirement gathering exercise including workshops with key project stakeholders to develop a comprehensive scope of works to increase up-take and expand capabilities of a University research data management solution.

Dashboards and reports

We have recently undertaken:

  • Tracking and reporting on the Universities built environment, energy and emissions.

  • Interactive analytics and reporting necessary for staff to develop the forward works program for the University's property portfolio.


Research data management

Condense has a breadth of experience across the research data management working with tertiary institutions and government clients.

After going to the eResearch conference we decided it was time to pull together a portfolio of the work we've done in the Research data space. We've been working in the space for over 7 years now.

Our experience includes engagements to develop strategies, designing solutions, developing data capture applications, managing data publishing services, business process and data analysis work.

Here's our Research Data Portfolio.

Asset management

Condense has deep experience in the asset management space.

We have delivered numerous applications covering a wide range of facilities management functions, including the Work Requests system and contractor login, Project Management Register, the Asset Register, Planned Maintenance, Security Incident Management, and emissions data reporting.

We have integrated with other systems including the Tech 1 for project budget management and Purchase Now for enterprise procure-to-pay workflow.

On-the-go field access, already a major use case through responsive web applications, has just been significantly improved with the launch of a native mobile application.

A core factor of this transformation has been careful analysis and designing applications with the web in mind.

The success of these projects has led to significantly improved data capture and workflow compliance across all areas of the business.

Your team can have the right information at their fingertips to make informed decisions that will give your business the best returns.

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At Condense, we help businesses take advantage of data. We create systems which transform data into informed action. Your team can have the right information at their fingertips to make informed decisions that will give your business the best returns.